Rob Carviou ’01 MBA ’20

The time is now, says MBA grad

Rob Carviou ’01 MBA ’20, vice president of marketing and brand strategy for Prevea Health & HSHS Wisconsin, talks about what he appreciates about his Schneider MBA studies, and how the program has impacted his professional lives.

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The Twin Thieves Workshop
Are you passionate about personal growth and leadership? Ready to bring your organization to another level? Draw insight and inspiration from this workshop facilitated by Steve Jones and Lucas Jadin, authors of the Amazon best-selling book “The Twin Thieves: How Great Leaders Build Great Teams.”

Not Your Grandfather’s Telephone Company: Navigating the Rapids of 21st Century Telecom
CEO of Nsight, Brighid Riordan, will discuss the ever-changing world of telecommunications.
Sponsored By: Prevea Health
Brighid Riordan

A Family Department Store: Beating the Odds for 150 Years
Jim Von Maur, president and CEO of Von Maur, presents as part of the CEO Breakfast Series.
Sponsored By: J.P. Morgan
Jim Von Maur

The Power of Innovation
CEO of Sargento Louie Gentine talks innovation as a part of the CEO Breakfast Series.
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Louie Gentine

The Bright Side of Adversity: How to use challenging times to build skills to protect your company’s future
Greg Linnemanstons, president of Weidert Group, will explore how you can use adversity to protect your company’s future.
Sponsored By: Bank First
Greg Linnemanstons

Fincantieri and Servant Leadership
Jan Allman, senior vice president of public affairs and community relations and former CEO of Fincantieri Marine Group, will discuss leadership as a part of the CEO Breakfast Series.
Sponsored By: Bank First
Jan Allman

  • ECONOMICS Business prof brings supply-chain expertise to regional conversation The Schneider School’s Gerry Aase (Business Administration) facilitated an on-campus panel on “Mitigation Strategies for Supply-Chain Issues.” Regional business leaders shared updates on supply-chain challenges that businesses are facing in the midst of the pandemic.
    RECRUITMENT SNC co-sponsors regional Talent Day St. Norbert College was one of five presenting sponsors for a Talent Day organized by Greater Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. The event helped raise awareness of the hardships area employers are facing with talent attraction and retention.
    LEADERSHIP Deadline approaches for new scholarship opportunity for non-profit leaders. The Phil Hauck Scholarship for Nonprofit Leaders has been established to help nurture nonprofits in the region. The scholarship will cover half the cost of books, fees and tuition for an individual pursuing an MBA through the Schneider School, or half the cost of books, fees and materials for participation in the core program of the Center for Exceptional Leadership, for members of nonprofit leadership. Application deadline for CEL and MBA applicants. Dec. 1, 2021.
  • ECONOMICS Bitcoin contrarian sees limited future for cryptocurrency

    Schneider School dean Dan Heiser is a Bitcoin sceptic. He shares his reasons with MaryBeth Matzek, outgoing editor of Insight Magazine.

    RESEARCH Strategic Research Institute to participate in COVID-19 survey partnership SNC’s Strategic Research Institute will partner with Women’s Funds in Northeastern Wisconsin to conduct a survey that will lend local data to the assertion made nationwide that women have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 over the past year.
    ECONOMICS Alumna Perspective: “Real World” “I first found economics interesting because it was applicable to the ‘real world,’ meaning I could choose an issue I am passionate about and use economic models to answer these questions. I am interested in applied microeconomics, specifically behavioral and crime economics. As I dove deeper into specific fields I found the ‘dismal science’ fascinating as, really, economics studies us and the (sometimes irrational) choices we make! I am especially excited to begin graduate school as this gives me the opportunity to introduce economics to undergraduates.” – Emily O'Leary ’21, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Oregon
  • RESEARCH Supporting service strategies with information technologies Jamie O'Brien (Management) co-authored a study titled “The role The role of information systems and knowledge codification for service provision strategies,” published recently in the Journal of Service Theory and Practice, a leading journal in service management.
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Jan Allman
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